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Tutorials: Chromebook WiFi

Chrome Book Set up.

1. Click on the Wifi icon in the bottom right hand corner.

2. Click on not connected

3. click on the I within a circle

5. This is your mac address.

1. On Another computer or phone log into Gila hank. Once logged in, look for "my account" and click on it. 

2. Then click on "My Account"

3. Scroll down to "Manage Network Connections"  Enter Device Name & MAC Address from your device. Click "Add"

Proceed to Tab "Step 3"

1. Click on Wi-Fi and join EacMonsternet

2. Enter "Peap" for EAP Method

3. Enter "MSCHAPv2" for EAP Phase 2 authentication

4. For server CA certificate put "Do not check"

5. In Identity box put "Gila Hank user name"

6. In password use "Gila Hank password" leave Anonymous Identity blank

7. This process can take up to 15 minutes. If it does not connect, try again.