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To access Library resources off-campus, you will need to enter your Gila Hank login credentials. Your Gila Hank username is a combination of your initials and numbers such as Your Gila Hank password is unique and something you established the first time you logged into Gila Hank.

If your Gila Hank username and password do not work, you may wish to verify that you can access Gila Hank. If you cannot access Gila Hank, please consider resetting your password. 

If you still experience issues accessing Library resources off-campus, please call us at 928-428-8304 or email the library at

Click here to go to the EAC Library Homepage. Select the "Find Articles" button.




Enter your research topic or select a database and enter your research topic.


You should now have articles to select. Clicking on the title or the "Full Text Online" link will take you to the remote authentication page.



When the remote authentication page appears, enter your Gila Hank or EAC employee login.

Now enter your password.

Next, verify your identity.

Finally, enter the code and click verify to complete the login.

Once your Monster ID or your employee credentials have been authenticated, you will be taken to the resource.