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Online Video Kanopy/AVON

EAC Library offers 2 online video databases

for all students and faculty.

  • Academic Video Online (AVON) is a collection of over 60,000 streaming videos in a wide variety of academic areas, including anthropology, art & design, business, criminal justice, diversity studies, education, gender & sexuality, health sciences, history, literature & language, music & performing arts, psychology & counseling, science & engineering, social sciences, and more. The collection includes videos from over 1,500 leading distributors, producers, and filmmakers, such as 60 Minutes /CBS, PBS, BBC, NBC, Intelecom, Insight Media, Microtraining, Filmakers Library, Envision, Inc., Stanley Milgram, Dallas Telecourses, and Davidson Films.
  • Kanopy offers over 30,000 movies and TV to stream for free from a variety of devices and platforms. Once logged in, you can browse through the selection of Kanopy movies and TV shows. They are broken down into a number of different categories, including popular movies, documentaries, and more. You can also type in a specific movie you are looking for in the search bar. You can stream terrific modern indie movies like the Best Picture Oscar winner Moonlight or acclaimed documentaries like Super Size Me. There is also a great selection of foreign language films to watch on Kanopy, along with shorts and classic movies.


To Watch Videos

  1. First, login to your Gila Hank or Monstermail account on your web browser.
  2. To sign in to one of the video databases, please use the link on the EAC Library website under A-Z Databases. You will find the links to AVON and Kanopy under the VIDEO section.
  3. You should be taken directly to the video database of your choice, but if you get the following sign-in screen, see instructions below
  4. Enter your Monstermail email address ( and click Next
  5. Enter your Monstermail password and Sign in
  6. If you have issues signing in, please contact the Library (928-428-8304) for assistance