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Reptile Resources by INSPIRE: EAC Student Services

College, Career & Community Resources

EAC Admissions

Phone:  (928) 428-8272


Getting Started at EAC - Step by Step

Ten Steps to Attend EAC


Take a Tour of EAC:
Virtual Self Guided Tour:​

Speedy Longboard Tour:


Schedule a Preview Day:

Preview Day


Apply for Scholarships:

By accessing your Gila Hank -> Money -> Scholarships

EAC Academic and Donated Scholarships


New Student Frequently Asked Questions:




EAC Placement Testing

Phone:  (928) 428-8491

Contact:  Jerri Lukens

Take a Placement Test:

EAC Placement Testing & Proctoring

Tests offered: Mon-Fri @ 9am  

M-W-F @ 1pm or by appt.

Tutoring Websites Suggested by Placement Testing:


EAC Inspire Support Program

Small Inspire


WHAT is Inspire?


Inspire offers EAC students

FREE individualized

college and career support.



HOW can we help?


*Frequent Advising

*Personal Education Planning

*Specialized Tutoring

*Career Exploration

*University Transfer Exploration

*College and Career Success Course

Contact us today to find out more!


Kristi Apodaca         

(928) 428-8316                                                                                                               

Candace Lines          

(928) 428-8335






EAC Records

Phone:  (928) 428-8270

Get Admitted Today:


Get Registered Today - 3 Options:

Register Here


Send Official Transcripts to:

EAC Records and Registration

615 N Stadium Ave Thatcher, AZ 85552 


Request Official Transcripts:

By accessing your Gila Hank account.


EAC Counseling

Phone:  (928) 428-8253


Schedule an Appointment with an Advisor Today

Academic Advising

The goal of academic advising is to assist the student in developing an educational plan. The student carries the ultimate responsibility for making decisions about life goals. Our advisors are to act as a resource of information to achieve those goals.

Advising is strongly recommended for:

  • All new students attending EAC

  • All degree-seeking students

  • All students who intend to transfer to another college or university

  • All students who are unsure of what major they would like to pursue

How to prepare for your visit to speak with an advisor:

  • Make an appointment for academic advising by calling (928) 428-8253 or 8425.

  • Review the EAC catalog and class schedule at

  • Please bring the following items to your advising session if possible:

            High School transcripts

            Unofficial transcripts from other colleges

            Placement testing scores

            Qualifying ACT or SAT scores

                                    Official transcripts can be sent to:

                                    EAC Records and Registration

                                    615 N Stadium Ave Thatcher, AZ 85552. 

EAC Financial Aid

Phone:  (928) 428-8287

Apply for Financial Aid:

Create an account:

Log In:

You must complete a FAFSA for each academic year.

You must create your own FSA ID (Know your login and password)

Your parent must create their own FSA ID (Know their login and password)

You will need the following:

1.  Driver's License

2.  Taxes from 2 years previous, ie. filling out 2020-21 FAFSA, Need 2018 taxes

3.  You and your parents' social security numbers

4.  Your parents' adjusted gross income from their federal tax form.

5.  You, as well as your parents, will need access to an individual personal email address and phone number for verification. The same phone number and email address can not be used for different accounts.

This can also assist you if you get locked out of FAFSA.

6.  Eastern Arizona College school code:  001073

Write all of this information down in a folder.  You will need it every year you complete a FAFSA (even if/when you become a parent).

You will be notified of any awards through your Monster Mail. 

Then you must log in to MY FA to accept your award.


Did you know...?
*FAFSA has "Helps and Hints" to the right of each question to make filling out the application as simple as possible.

*You do not have to be full time to apply for financial aid


This is a great online FAFSA resource.  Check it out.


EAC Fiscal Control

Phone:  (928) 428-8221

Pay your Tuition:

Call the number above and have your student ID#  and a credit card ready


Pay in Full Online

Gila Hank -> Money -> Finalize & Pay


Enroll in a Payment Plan on your Gila Hank

Gila Hank -> Money -> Finalize & Pay -> Set up Payment Plan

EAC Student Network Access Resource Page