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Veterans Resources




(800) 273-8255

Text HELP to 838255


American Legion

AZ Education Benefits:

American Legion Swift Murphy Post 32 - Safford

531 11th Ave. Safford AZ 85546

(928) 428-2990

American Legion - Solomon

129 S 3rd Ave. Solomon AZ 85551

(928) 428-7725

American Legion - Clifton

51 Frisco Ave. Clifton AZ 85533


Arizona Department of Veterans' Services

Department of Economic Security

(928) 428-3403

624 5th Ave. Safford AZ 85546

DES operates two programs throughout Arizona to assist veterans in finding employment:


Disabled Veterans Outreach Program (DVOP): DVOP specialists provide intensive services to meet the employment needs of special disabled veterans, disabled veterans, veterans and eligible persons. DVOP specialist are actively involved in outreach efforts to increase program participation among those with the greatest barriers to employment. 

Intensive Services provided by DVOP specialists include: assessments, employment plans, career guidance, referral to supportive services and training, connection to job openings.


Local Veteran Employment Representative (LVER): LVER staff conduct outreach to employers and engage in advocacy efforts with hiring executives to increase employment opportunities for veterans, encourage the hiring of disabled veterans and generally assist veterans to gain and retain employment.

LVER staff conduct seminars for employers and job search workshops for veterans seeking employment, and facilitate priority of service in regard to employment, training, and placement services furnished to veterans by all staff of the employment service offices.


Arizona Veterans' Benefits Info.


Be Connected Veterans!



Primavera Foundation

Project Action for Veterans

The Primavera Foundation provides pathways out of poverty through safe, affordable housing, workforce development, and neighborhood revitalization.

(520) 308-3093 

3502 S. 6th Ave. Ste 150 Tucson AZ 85713 


Veterans Administration Safford Clinic

(928) 428-8010

355 N. 8th Ave. Safford AZ 85546