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Reptile Resources by EAC Counseling

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Self Help

Self-Help Programs


Arizona Department of Health Services:

Chronic Disease Programs

Arizona Postpartum Depression Warmline:

1-888-434-MOMS  1-888-434-6667

The 24 hour warm line is provided for moms, family members and friends that need help understanding more about what you or your loved one is going through. These are all volunteers that have been there, completely understand postpartum mood disorders and what you might be going through. We can help you find hope and resources to get the help you need in your area. 


Arizona Self Help:

Arizona Self Help is a free and easy way to find out if your family can get help from 40 different health and human services programs.



AZ Smokers' Helpline



Awakening Recovery Center:

Addiction Recovery

(928)428-8070  293 W. 5th St. Safford AZ 85546

We are a full-service Counseling Facility that provides an Intensive Outpatient Program serving Arizona, and based out of Tempe, Arizona and Safford, Arizona.  We specialize in the treatment of addiction and alcoholism using a variety of evidence-based therapeutic methods to aid in your recovery process.


Community Medical Services: 

Addiction Recovery

(928) 985-2700  100 E. Main St. Safford AZ 85546


Graham Alliance on Tobacco Education   

(928) 348-8774



Mental Health, Chemical dependency, Community & Prevention Services, Court Ordered Services

Safford (928) 428-4550  1615 S. 1st St. Safford AZ 85546

Clifton (928) 865-4531   430 N. Coronado Boulevard Clifton AZ 85533


Substance Abuse Hotline:

1-800-662-4357  1-800-662-HELP