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EAC Library: About Library

EAC Alumni Library


Summer Hours:


Monday - Friday

Holiday hours are subject to change.


The EAC Library welcomes all patrons starting June 1, 2021. For information on EAC's COVID-19 response, please visit EAC's homepage.

For Questions Call:



  • An EAC Alumni Library Account is required to check out physical items or a media center computer;
  • Children shall remain with an adult at all times;
  • Personal cell phones must be silenced before entering the building;
  • Cell phone use is allowed in Alumni Library. We ask, however, that patrons be mindful of others in the area and keep their conversations polite and respectful. Patrons may be asked to continue loud, disruptive or distracting phone calls in the library’s lobby or outside of the building.
  • Snacks and covered beverages are permitted in study rooms and the common areas of the library. Meals or messy, noisy or strong-smelling foods are not permitted. Consumption of food while using media center computers is not allowed.
  • Delivery of food to the library is not permitted.
  • Unattended food and/or beverages are subject to being disposed of by staff.
  • Clean up any spills right away—if additional assistance is needed, contact library staff at the Circulation desk.
  • Properly dispose of all food and trash.
  • In accordance with EAC policy 7050.00 Tobacco-Free Environment: the use of tobacco in any form including cigarettes, smokeless tobacco, e-cigarettes, etc. is strictly prohibited in the library.

Disruptive Behavior

Pursuant to GCCCD Policy 2230.00, Eastern Arizona College is dedicated to the concept of providing education to all those who can benefit therefrom. The College has a responsibility to maintain public order so that individual rights to benefit from its programs and facilities will not be impaired.

Therefore, disruptive behavior will not be tolerated.

If you feel someone is recklessly disregarding or interfering with your right to benefit from EAC's programs or facilities, please contact a staff member immediately.



Books: 28 day (4 week) checkout, 2 renewals; 30 Book limit.

DVDs: 7 day (1 week) checkout, 0 renewals; 5 DVD limit



No Fines are charged for overdue materials; However, items that are not returned within 30 days of due date will be marked lost and the patron will be required to pay the cost of the item plus a $10 processing fee.