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An introduction to all of the physical and online resources available through the EAC Library.

Faculty Information

The EAC Alumni Library welcomes faculty and adjunct faculty. We strive to provide resources, information and assistance to meet your needs and support the students you teach. See the tabs below for all the Library resources or contact us at 928-428-8304 or email us at We look forward to seeing you and your students at the Library!

Library Resources

The EAC Library has resources and information to assist faculty and adjunct faculty. We offer class tours of the library and media center.

Library Resources:

  • Faculty/adjunct faculty office (see tab above for more information)
  • 17 small study rooms (for 1-2 people) & 5 group rooms (for 3-4 people)
  • Large meeting room for up to 20 people with a wall-mounted computer
  • Student Learning Center: tutoring and academic support provided (click here for more information)
  • Chromebooks and laptops for students to check out for the semester 
  • Mobile computer carts available for presentations in the Library
  • Course Reserve items (see tab above for more information)
  • Copy machine
  • Scanner
  • Office supplies including scissors, colored paper, glue, ruler, paper cutter, etc.

Library Staff Can Help You:

  • Connect to the Wi-Fi
  • Log in to the library's computer with your EAC login and password
  • Access your Beacon account
  • Log in to your EAC email account
  • Log in to your MyPay Portal account (for EAC payroll)
  • Assist with navigating Microsoft 365 


  • Need help with Canvas? Contact Jason Edington, 928-428-8397
  • Come by the Library Circulation Desk
  • Call us at 928-428-8304
  • Email us at


Course Reserve Policy: Faculty Information

What is Course Reserve?

The main purpose of the Course Reserve section is to ensure equal access to high-demand materials by limiting the loan period for those items. It also collects in one place all of those items faculty members wish for students to have access to throughout a particular course. Click here to view the EAC Library Course Reserve list.

Who may place items on Course Reserve?

Eastern Arizona College faculty may place items on reserve for any of the courses they are teaching. It is up to faculty members to inform library staff of items they want to be placed on reserve before the beginning of each semester. Course Reserve items will remain on reserve for the semester(s) indicated or for a maximum of two years. Faculty who have placed personal items on reserve will be notified by email when their items are ready to be picked up.

What types of items may be placed on Course Reserve?

Library books, journal articles, DVDs, videos, CDs, and photocopied articles, chapters, or essays may be placed on Course Reserve. Faculty may also place their own personal items on reserve. Items from the Reference Collection will not be placed on reserve.

What are the lending periods for Course Reserve?

Items may be placed on Course Reserve for lending periods of “library use only," (4 hours) or 3 days.

What are the copyright limitations for Course Reserve?

All photocopied materials must adhere to College copyright guidelines as set forth in EAC Policy, see Compliance with Copyright Laws and Reproduction of Copyrighted Material (EAC Policy 2190.01 and 2190.00).

Who may borrow items on Course Reserve?

Eastern Arizona College students, faculty, and staff may borrow items on reserve. Community members may borrow reserve items with the understanding that they must immediately relinquish them if an Eastern Arizona College student or faculty member requests the item.

Can a Course Reserve item be renewed?

Course Reserve items may be renewed as long as it has not been requested by another Eastern Arizona College student or faculty member.

Can a student put an item on Course Reserve?

A student can request an item be purchased or placed from the library on Course Reserve. Items not currently owned by the Library will be purchased (subject to the approval of the Director of Library Services) and placed on reserve once they are received.

How do I know if an item is on Course Reserve?

You may ask at the Eastern Arizona College Alumni Library Circulation Desk or by clicking here.

How do I place an item on Course Reserve?

A faculty member wishing to place items on Course Reserve may submit a Faculty Reserve Request form. The form can be found in several places:  

• The main desk of the EAC Alumni Library

• Electronic version by clicking here.

Items on the shelf will be immediately pulled and placed on Course Reserve. Items that are currently checked out will be recalled and placed on reserve as soon as they are returned. Items not currently owned by the Library will be purchased (subject to the approval of the Director of Library Services) and placed on reserve once they are received. Due to the proceeding time constraints, please be sure to submit your requests as far in advance as possible to ensure that the requested items are available when your students need them.

The EAC Library offers a private office for faculty and adjunct faculty. Located in the library, Study Room 2 has the following resources available for faculty use:

  • Faculty/adjunct faculty desk and computer
  • Printer 
  • Phone

No reservation is needed to use the room. To ensure availability, contact the EAC Library at 928-428-8304 or email us at

To connect to wifi, simply click on wifi network name EacMonsterNet and connect without a password.

If you need help please ask at the EAC Library Circulation desk