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Course Reserves


Course Reserve Policy: Student Information

What is Course Reserve?

The main purpose of the Course Reserve section is to ensure equal access to high-demand materials by limiting the loan period for those items. It also collects in one place all of those items faculty members wish for students to have access to throughout a particular course. Click here to view the Eastern Arizona College Alumni Library Course Reserve list.

Can a student put an item on Course Reserve?

A student can request an item be purchased or placed from the library on Course Reserve. Items not currently owned by the Library will be purchased (subject to the approval of the Director of Library Services) and placed on reserve once they are received.

What are the lending periods for Course Reserve?

Items may be placed on Course Reserve for lending periods of “library use only” (4 hours) or 3 days.

What are the copyright limitations for Course Reserve?

All photocopied materials must adhere to College copyright guidelines as set forth in EAC Policy, see Compliance with Copyright Laws and Reproduction of Copyrighted Material (EAC Policy 2190.01 and 2190.00).

Who may borrow items on Course Reserve?

Eastern Arizona College students, faculty, and staff may borrow items on reserve. Community members may borrow reserve items with the understanding that they must immediately relinquish them if an Eastern Arizona College student or faculty member requests the item.

Can a Course Reserve item be renewed?

Course Reserve items may be renewed as long as it has not been requested by another Eastern Arizona College student or faculty member.

How do I know if an item is on Course Reserve?

You may ask at the Eastern Arizona College Alumni Library Circulation Desk or by clicking here.